Tracing a tasteful journey


Our first shop opens its doors - and its heart - to the public, in the upmarket neighbourhood of R.S.Puram, Coimbatore. Sri Krishna Sweets introduces sweets made with pure cow ghee to the world.


After 12 years of research and perfection, the second store in Coimbatore captures the city's attention. It is a well-earned success with quality and recipes.


Sri Krishna Sweets steps outside Coimbatore, and the state of Tamil Nadu discovers the taste of melting Mysurpas served hot and fresh daily.


Taste knows no language boundaries! We open our first store outside Tamil Nadu and our taste cuts across cultures.


The world is for the taking. The first international store of Sri Krishna Sweets opens in Dubai, and with its taste binds the world into one family.


A milestone moment! Sri Krishna Sweets sells a whopping 13,188 kilograms of Mysurpa to 26720 customers in 46 outlets in 3 hours - a record for selling the maximum quantity of Mysurpa.

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Surprising you

Sri Krishna Sweets blends tradition with innovation, known for revolutionizing Indian sweets and savories. Our premium quality and unique flavors have earned global acclaim with outlets in 60+ locations across India and the UAE. From our renowned mysurpa to delightful badam halwa, each bite evokes a homely feeling. Our success lies in efficient operations, rigorous quality control, client satisfaction, and distinctive packaging, continuing our legacy of simplicity and excellence.

An Experience to relish

How Sri Krishna Sweets creates a wholesome world of flavour with each delicacy - and bite


Choice of High-quality ingredients and hygiene-conscious production processes


Innovation at every turn - to create newer flavours and experiences, each time you walk in

Unique Recipes

Authenticiy in taste, which cannot be replicated elsewhere - thanks to unique recipes and ingredients

Happier Experience

Refreshing flavours - frshness that builds trust and makes for a happier experience

Awards and Accolades

Here's a glimpse of the acclaim we have received - and the records
we have broken, in pursuit of bringing you an unmatched experience!

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