One of the best sweet shops that I have visited in Coimbatore especially in Gandhipuram. The taste and quality are amazing and they provide pure ghee sweets. They have maintained good services in all their branches. There is a wide variety of both south Indian and north Indian sweets. There are spicy special items which taste fabulous taste. The rates are also affordable with their quality. The Krishna sweets is always famous for their Mysurpa. It’s a first-class premium sweet shop in Coimbatore. It is always an anytime favourite for their customers.

Devaananth Maheswaran

A good sweet stall should offer a diverse range of sweets to cater to
different tastes. Krishna Sweets serves traditional sweets, modern
desserts, and some unique tasty snacks. High-quality ingredients
contribute to the overall taste and texture of the sweets. Freshness
is awesome. The hygiene and cleanliness of the sweet stall are
unimaginable. A well-maintained and clean environment is essential
for food safety, Krishna Sweets does the same without compromise.

Blazon It

For decades the "Mysurpa" here has been fabulous. Recently I had it in Coimbatore and still the taste is fantabulous. 😀😀 Till date, the Mysyurpa literally melts in your mouth. So yummy. For the unaware, "Mysurpa" is a sweet primarily made out of Ghee, Sugar & Gram Flour.

Kamal Raj Gupta

Sri Krishna Sweets is one of the Best Sweet shops in Coimbatore. Sweets are made of pure Ghee. Hence it is very Tasty but Costly. Famous sweet is Mysurpa. Very soft and very Tasty. It is the pride of Coimbatore. They have branches in various parts of Coimbatore as well as the world. Whenever you come across Sri Krishna Sweets, don't forget to buy Mysurpa.


Delicious sweets. I became fan of the quality of sweets they provide for people going to meet someone special and who are fond of sweets. My advice is to buy a packet of a Mysurpa from here and gift to your loved ones – and they will experience the taste too!

Rajesh Swaraj

The best quality sweets that I have ever had. I have been visiting this place since my childhood and till today this is my favourite place for sweets. The best is Mysurpa!! It’s always fresh!! They also do packaging for international travel and it will remain fresh for at least 3 weeks.

Goutham Ganesh

I am a frequent visitor to Sri Krishna Sweets, having indulged in their delectable sweets numerous times. The Mysurpa is undoubtedly the highlight for me, and the Malai Barfi I purchased during my last visit was exceptionally good.

Surya Venkatesh Asapu

Best Mysurpa I have had in my life. Everyone knows what Sri Krishna Sweets is famous for. It’s their authentic style halwa. Specially that Thiruvananthapuram halwa and Bombay halwa, which are so delicious. Their savoury snacks are great too. Mysurpa here is best experience for me all the time.

Şurayya laly

Divine Sweet and Divine Taste! Their claim is 100% true. There are so many sweet shops selling many varieties of sweets. But ALL of them are nothing before this divine sweet. Ever since they started branch in Hyderabad, come any special occasion I prefer buying this one only.

Satyakiran R

Craving for Mysurpa? Here’s the best place to have the same that you get in Coimbatore. Perfect texture, colour and Aroma... One should try the mini Gulab jamun too and the regular Gulab jamun... You will also get different assortment of kaju sweets, dry fruits sweets, which all are yummy... Must visit.

Jayashree Surve