Sri Krishna Sweets

Swears By

  • We strongly believe that what you see is what you should get because the story of your cravings starts from there. So, we find ourselves experimenting with various ways and methods in terms of unique packaging, showroom display, and billing.
  • Freshness is our major fundamental principle.
  • Standardised recipes for input and output products, rewarding HR policies, and robust EDP systems.
  • Bringing in the products of promises that not only add value to your penny but adds value to “a soulful food”.
  • Taking detailed steps in curating the most exclusive packaging for our consumers and maintaining the freshness of the product.


Dr. M. Krishnan,

Founder - Sri Krishna Sweets

Sri Krishna Sweets is the brainchild of Dr. M. Krishnan. In a timeline of sprawling “showrooms” being a privilege awarded only to the jewellery and clothing industry, Dr. M. Krishnan pioneered in establishing an exclusive showroom for sweets in Coimbatore, proving that sweets are equally deserving of this privilege. Delicacies like jelabies, laddus and mysurpa, which were until then, occupants of small, glass jars atop the counters of hotels and petty shops, now royally adorned the shelves of their gleaming showrooms. With the motive of creating a brand that nurtures repetitive indulgence, the first Krishna Sweets store came into existence, with a quality assurance tag of its sweets being made of pure, 100% cow-ghee. To secure the natural freshness of the delicacies, Dr. M. Krishnan instructed his team to have a 1 day display tenure of the sweets, post which, they will be replaced with the next batch. A brand framework built on these staunch, ethical practises of discipline, and Dr. M. Krishnan’s enduring faith and perseverance is the foundation on which stands tall, the magnificent sweet palace.