The journey of Mysurpak to Mysurpa

MYSURPAK becoming the acclaimed MYSURPA

SKS Mysurpa is a universal phenomenon, one that emanates flavorful indulgence, and definitely wafts with the endearing smell of “home”. However, the journey to this pinnacle has been a sweet one. The following is an anecdote of how this pioneering delicacy became the chisel with which we’ve carved a niche in the industry.

Once regarded with disdain for it’s hard consistency, Mysurpa, had been elevated to the highest echelons of gourmet cuisine in 1979, by Dr. M. Krishnan who transformed it into a culinary masterpiece that has won hearts and palates of epicureans worldwide. Unwaveringly holding the pinnacle of traditional sweet sales, Mysurpa stands as a shining example of excellence, having even set a world record by selling an astounding 13,188.880 kilograms in a mere three hours. Its delectable flavor and shimmering appearance speak to its enduring popularity and timeless appeal, as it continues to reign as a globally cherished delicacy.

With its rooted significance, “Mysurpa” has today become synonymous with nostalgia, establishing an emotional connection with its long-standing patrons. Our Mysurpa is our golden ticket to making a mark in the food-processing industry. It is a delicacy that resonates with our brand, almost a monarchical identity in itself. Of this and of our consistent efforts to pamper many a sweet tooth, we hold immense pride and gratitude. Even its evolution is revolutionary, and that’s our sweet super-star “Mysurpa” to you!